Welcome to the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge Holland!

Together with the Dutch Arabian Western Riding Association (DAWRA) we will offer you a complete weekend with your Arabian Horse or Partbred Arabian horse (a minimum of 25% Arabian Blood)! At 31 July 2021 the DAWRA will organize a clinic. For more information: www.dawra.nl  

At 1 August 2021 the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge Holland will start. The Amateur Challenge has been created by Aljassimya Farm to develop and promote Arabian Horse breed community all around Europe. Sheikh Jassim Bin Khalifa Al Thani's Aljassimya Farm has been proud to develop the Amateur Challenge into a series of shows  promoting the Arabian  breed and bringing together the Arabian horse loving community all around Europe. As one of the largest breeders of Arabian horses in the world, Aljassimya Farm takes their role as a global leader seriously.  The farm not only breeds Arabian horses that have won World Championships at halter and US National Championships in Performance but aims to be a force for the good in the Arabian horse world. Sheikh Jassim's vision  of  the Amateur Challenge is to gather Arabian Horse lovers in fair and enjoyable competitions, showcasing the versatility and great character of the Arabian,  as well as his undeniable beauty.


The Challenge  offers amateurs the opportunity to experience all the excitement, adrenaline and professionalism of competing at:

- Halter: Horses are shown “in hand” only. Horses are judged on how they match the breed standard, plus conformation and movement  The horse and handler are also  judged for the quality of their presentation,

- Under Saddle: Horses are shown “ridden” only. Three divisions will be offered: Classic pleasure, Hunter pleasure, Western pleasure. Judged on paces, manner and suitability to the division standards.

- Trail: Horses are shown both “in hand” and “ridden”. They require the entrants to navigate around a course of obstacles, for example bridges and gates. Judged on accuracy and smoothness.

The 30 competitors who will have accumulated the most points throughout the season, in each division, will be invited to attend the Arabian Horse World Championship in Paris. Any winners present in person at the Arabian Horse World Championship in Paris are further eligible for the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge Special Destination Prize Draw. 3 tickets will be drawn at random. Aljassimya reserve the right to change any prize offered according to travel situations around the world in 2021.

Judges In Hand classes:  Mrs. A. Poszepczynska (Poland), Gideon Reisel (The Netherlands) and Paula Böhmer (The Netherlands)

Judges Pleasure classes:  Ron vd Berg (The Netherlands) and Mrs. A. Poszepczynska (Poland)           

Judges Trail classes: Ron vd Berg (The Netherlands) and Mrs. A. Poszepczynska (Poland)           

DC / ringmaster: Ils van Dun (Belgium) and Mr. Bart Beckers (Belgium)

For more information about the challenge, please visit the website: http://aljassimya-amateur-challenge.com/

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